Travel Moments or Full Moon Hotel

Has this ever happened to you?

Great Nashville Condo

We were on our way home from a wonderful week of vacation in Nashville TN. We stayed in a beautiful condo with more of the comforts of home than we have at home, king-size bed, Jacuzzi in the room, garbage disposal and Ginzu knife set.

In Room Jacuzzi

Normally we run the Red-Eye express straight home so as not to have to spring for a Hotel stay. However since this particular trip from Tennessee to New Jersey takes us right by our in-laws in Pennsylvania, we decided to get an inexpensive hotel night in central Virginia.

We picked a hotel chain that we thought would be nice for the price.

We pulled in around 10 pm and found it was an old school motel. The inside of the room had clearly been refitted  since the turn of the century, but as soon as we walked in we could smell the residual effects of 50 years of heavy smoking. This room probably died of TB before they resurrected it with a coat of paint.

Drive Up Motel

Ah well. We cranked up the AC – there was no – Fan On AC mode, so turning the AC on meant having it kick on and turn off all night long.

AC Controls – Two Viable Options
Periodic Jet Engines -vs- Move the Heat Around

We tried the Air Only option, but in about 15 minutes I felt as though I was in a sauna with a chain-smoking Wrestling coach. We decided to go for a moderate AC temp.

Before bed I took a quick shower, and this is where my adventure began. When I got out, I realized I forgot to bring clean boxers into the bathroom with me. The curtains were closed and I was alone with my wife, so I headed to the suitcase that was on a stand near the door.

Looked Fine from Inside!

As I was digging through, looking for said boxers, I heard voices. We were on the ground floor, and I turned to find there was a large gap in the curtains. I hope those weren’t little children walking by, being exposed to my – well – what ever.

This was way worse at night – I promise

I took up a safe hiding place and fiddled with the curtains taking them out of their restraints so that my suitcase (or anything else for that matter) was no longer in full view.

The next fun I had was about 2 hours after I fell asleep. It was probably the first time the Air kicked in. You know the sensation. You are sleeping in the silence and suddenly a jet engine takes off on the far side of the room.

I glanced at the clock next to my bed, and saw it was 1:26, so I decided to head to the bathroom.

I figured I would get inside the bathroom and then turn the light on so as not to shock my wife’s eyes.

I closed the door, and then realized the light switch was on the outside. But I could do this in the dark – couldn’t I?

Light on Seat up

This is when I learned why my wife grumbles so when I leave the toilet seat up. (All you women can now say “serves you right.”)

I spent the rest of the night – blankets on – blankets off – blankets on – blankets off.

I sure hope the free breakfast is good.

It’s all good though because today I see some of my favorite people in the world, and tonight I can sleep in my own bed – Home Sweet Home!