Share your world – week 2

Fun questions today Cee!

What is your favorite color?

I am a blue lover – always have been – always will be.

Favorite thing to photograph? Write? Or Cook?

My wife and I love to wander though anything gardenesque. She loves to look, touch and sniff, I love to take pictures. I have thousands of photos of flowers. I particularly love it when I find bugs in the mix.

Got a bee!

Got a bee!

Name two of your best personality traits.

1) I have a way of getting people to talk about what they love, and bring out their passion. It is a great way to get to know people.

2) I am irrepressibly positive – one of those guys who walks into a room full of poop and says, there must be a pony hiding in here somewhere.

What word or words are fun for you to say? 

Kumquat – If you have ever seen the play “The Sunshine Boys” (or the movie for that matter) you know that a word is just funnier if it has a “K” in it.


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