The Thankful Project – The Results Show – rebroadcast and updated

I have decided to repost my Thankful project

today for my birthday – with a new addition for my new year.

Originally posted on my main blog – Another Red Letter Day

Here is the project:

Before (or after) Thursday, come up with

a number of things to be

thankful for that is equal to the number of

Thanksgivings you have been

on the planet.

For me 54  55 – ouch!

Here goes:

54 55 reasons to be thankful not in any particular order, and probably missing stuff I will kick myself for leaving off as soon as I click ‘POST’

1)    Jesus – my Savior, my Master, my Friend, the Lover of my soul

2)    Father – my Creator, my Sure Foundation

3)    Holy Spirit – my Strength, my Guide, my Teacher, my Comfort

4)    The Bible

5)    Corinne, my wonderful, patient, and loving wife

6)    My parents – I am so thankful to have been raised in a Christian Home by loving parents

7)    Christopher my #1 son, the child of my youth. We grew up together (mostly,) and Emily my bolt of raw energy daughter-in-law.

8)    Jessica my dear sweet strong woman of God and beautiful daughter and Zach her brilliant husband.

9)    Joshua my math genius son and God’s firebrand.

10) Sarah my sweet soprano daughter – I like to say she is a puzzle piece with connections on all sides. Her sweetness makes her irresistible as a friend.

11) My Father-in-Law and his dear wife Issy.

12) My Mother-in-Law who is worshipping Jesus in his presence

13) David and Janice my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

14) Larry and Helen my dear friends who care for my soul.

15) Kim and Sherri – mentors and friends – led me out of darkness and into this glorious light.

16) Mark and Sabra – friends for decades. Friday Night Bible Studies on Sunday afternoon at their house year after year.

17) Jon and Thess – friends for decades. Sharing life with friends and seeing them grow as a family and as godly parents.

18) Chet Klope my Pastor. He has a heart that beats for what God cares about – the souls of men and women.

19) George my boss for 22 years.

20) Dave my colleague, friend, and the one who keeps me on task at work.

21) Pascack Bible Church – my Church home.

22) The Internet and all the connections it brings to my lap.

23) My new wordpress friends and community – a new world for me.

24) Caddo and Deb my constant encouragers

25) Graeme who has a crystal clear idea of our identity, and keeps me focused on my own “who”

26) My brother and his wife David and Cathy who have been so strong in my mom’s life, and who I have looked up to since I was a little boy.

27) My brother Stephen and his wife Cindy, who is a constant encouragement to me. Steve was probably my first ever best friend.

28) My brother elders at PBC who make community the priority, making the business end of the Church way more palatable.

29) My wonderful Home Church family

30) Pastor Fred Beveridge, my first Pastor, who married Corinne and I going on 34 years ago.

31) Friday night Pizza & Movie – I love to make home-made pizza and settle in for some crazy movie with as many family and their friend as we can fit in our house (or even if it is just us two – that works as well)

32) Work – I am so glad God designed us to work, and then gave me a job that challenges me.

33) Victor Hugo – I am currently listening to Les Miserable.   (Still – it is 60 hours – and wonderful)

34) Firefly (the single season TV show that Fox ran and then cancelled – such fun)

35) The Princess Bride – We watched this every New Years morning for about 15 years – starting shortly after the ball dropped. It brings up such great memories.

36) Family games. We play games at every opportunity – board games, card games, word games (like we did in the car tonight on the way to Carlisle PA)

37) Dinner time at the table after the food is gone and we start talking and laughing. A good play on words goes a long way at my house.

38) Chinese food

39) Mexican food

40) Italian Food (you are thinking this is a cop-out aren’t you?)

41) New York Botanical Gardens – Corinne and I love to walk through the flowers – her sniffing and me clicking the shutter of my Olympus.

42) Dave Ramsey – for the last year we have been following his plan for debt reduction, and it is turning our lives around – thanks Dave!

43) Matthew Henry – He is the one who wrote that wonderful 6 volume commentary on the whole Bible. Sometimes when I am really stuck, I take a look at what he said in the late 1600’s and it is like the lights turn on. CH Spurgeon said that it was when he prayed through Matthew Henrey’s commentary that his life turned around.

44) Charles Welsey – wonderful hymn writer and brother to famous John

45) Brian and Jenn Johnson – I love to have their worship playing as the sound track of my life.

46) Jesus Culture – their worship me into the presence of God.

47) Misty Edwards – she writes songs that make me cry as I hear the voice of the Lover of my soul singing through her.

48) Mike Bickle – His teachings have so revolutionized my understanding of my relationship with my Bridegroom Jesus.

49) Vacations – I love to travel – I love to fly, or drive, or go any way I can to somewhere I have never been, and see what I have never seen.

50) I am thankful we had time shares when our kids were young (though I do not recommend them because there are impossible to get rid of) Because we had time shares, we could as a young family go places not too far away, and use the grocery store instead of restaurants and have a vacation at a reasonable cost. (nobody tell Dave Ramsey please)

51) The onion – I am not sure I could cook without an onion. I have a vegetarian cook book (don’t let that throw you, I am a carnivore for sure) that said on the title page, cooking without onions is like dancing with one leg.

52) Stories – my life is made of stories, some are mine, some are my families, some are my friends, but I love to sit and tell stories, or listen while others tell theirs.

53) Gadgets – not only am I thankful for gadgets, but I am thankful for a job where I need to use them, test them, learn to work them, so my wife and I don’t have to pay for them ourselves.

54) The Thankful Project – I am so glad I did this. Stopping for the time it takes, and writing this down, really is doing a work in my heart. I may make this a new tradition.

NEW 55) My home church family with whom I love to worship, pray, study and play – dear friends.

It’s not too late – you can have till Christmas if you want – or all next year. There is really no deadline to finish, but the time to start is now.

I was actually really surprised. When I thought about doing this I was like – it’s all going to be food – but it turns out to be mostly people – and i could have gone all people, but I didn’t want the food to feel left out.

Join the thankful project. Blog it if you want, or not, it’s up to you.

Thanks for reading – but honestly this one i wrote for me.

Love you!


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