Share Your World – 2013 Week 6

If you given $22 million tax-free dollars, what is the first thing you would do?

OK – Here is my list

#0 Ten Percent goes directly to my local Church – the tithe belongs in the storehouse.

House#1 Pay off all my debt (mostly home at this point)

#2 Pay off all my kids college loans

#2.5 – move if my wife wants to (she gets to decide on that one – I am happy anywhere I am with her)

#3 Put aside enough money so that the income from that money lets me live at more or less my current level – that would be about 2 Million

#4 Put aside a similar amount for each of my 4 kids & their families to live on.

That should leave nearly half to create a fund, the income of which would go into ministries and missions that are effectively spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world. According to Dave Ramsey then marked down a bit because I am not as smart as he is, that should net about $900,000 a year in missions.

One major caveat to all this – my wife can veto any or all of this, since what is mine is hers 100%.

Where were you born?

I was born in Washington Township, NJ – the north Jersey one (there are two for some bizarre reason, but ours actually has Washington slept here markers here and there.

Can you change a car tire?

Yep – done it more times than I would like to admit – that was before I realized that you don’t have to change them on the side of the road if you replace them before there are threads hanging off the sides. I have also changed a good number of bicycle tires having ridden across the US at age 16 and from Wisconsin to New Jersey at age 19.

What is your favorite part of the town/city you live in.  And what Country do you live?

Downtown Westwood

We currently live just the next town over from where I was born, though I have lived outside of NJ for a good solid 4 of my middle-high school years. I love the center of town in Westwood, NJ USA. The business area is really beautiful and the park in the center of town with it’s Gazebo and Train Station across the street from the big old Bank building flying the Red White and Blue high in the air makes me feel right at home. I love driving up toward the center of town as I come back from a vacation or road trip because it just feels like home to me.

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