Peach Season!

If you tried to tell my father something while he was enjoying a bowl of peaches he would say: “Don’t bother me, I am eating peaches!” You may use this photo – simply… Continue reading

Muth’s Wall

I love my mother’s bedroom walls. They are covered with family photos.

Moving on Legendery

We moved my baby into her college dorm on Thursday. In the process, my son Josh carried a full length mirror: From the Van Down the side-walk Through the entrance Around various corners… Continue reading

Pay Attention Grasshopper!

Just found this guy hanging out at a gas station in their planter. I am not ever sure the plants were real, but this guy was lovin’ it.

Travel Moments or Full Moon Hotel

Has this ever happened to you? We were on our way home from a wonderful week of vacation in Nashville TN. We stayed in a beautiful condo with more of the comforts of… Continue reading

Dave Ramsey’s Wall!

On our vacation in Nashville, we stopped in to see the Dave Ramsey Show, live on the “glass” in his lobby. What a blast. We got to hear to Debt Free Screams – a… Continue reading

Gaylord Opryland Resort

Today we were walking around inside the Gaylord Opryland Resort and convention center in Nashville TN. It was amazing – 4 indoor and 1 outdoor gardens. Beautiful fountains, gardens, and an indoor river… Continue reading

Great Fountain

I love fountains! You may use any of these photos – simply credit Ben Nelson. I would love to know if you do.

Bee Hunt

We are in Nashville, TN for the week, and I went for a little bee hunting trip today. I found this great pink flower bush, with little yellow flowerets. So in some of… Continue reading

Some Rather Misc stuff